How Modern Liberals Think

I just got through wathcing this video by Evan Sayet and I must say it was very informative as I have no idea why liberals think the way they do. This video is atleast a start in that direction. I am all for rational thinking and objective evidence. I have always thought that liberals seem to believe in unproven illogical points of view and considering that many of them are smart I wondered how this could be.

This is an informative video that gives some insite on why modern liberals think the way they do. This is coming from someone in hollywood that was a liberal prior to 9-11 but has since changed his position on things when rational thinking started to kick in. For instance, he couldn’t figure out why after terrorists had killed all these americans and Jewish Americans citizens of the United States were defending the terrorists as well as questioning why the USA was detaining muslim extremists in the Guantanomo prison in Cuba. The video features Evan Sayet who is a writer and political pundit and Hollywood star.

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