Reading Sir Isaac Newton’s Writings About Daniel’s 70 Weeks

One of if not the best scientists ever to step foot on this earth believed in God and believed in such things as a young earth and believed the book of Daniel was a prophetic book of God.

Science today is referred to in terms of pre-Newtonian and post-Newtonian. Einstein’s work was done using what he built on from all the discoveries Newton had made.

Newton, shows how the book of Daniel correctly prophesied when Jesus the Messiah would come to earth to be King to the very day he died on the cross.

Other interpretations have shown how this prophesy correctly predicted the Messiah’s coming but there are little arguments and discrepancies that call into question anywhere from 1 – 30 years depending on how it is interpreted.

The thing is this prophecy was written several hundred years before Christ and foretold quite well that Jesus is indeed the Messiah.

Since the book of Daniel is also a Jewish holy book this prophecy has led many Jews to Christ.

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