You likely have thought about this yourself or had someone else say this to explain why they no longer attend church, decided to go to a “non-denominational” church or have decided to become¬†agnostic or something along these lines. In A.D. 30 or so and onward people didn’t have the Bible as we have it today. [...]

The Carrizo and Wilcox aquifers are the two major aquifers in the East Texas area. These rock layers are considered water bearing layers and so if you see them exposed you could possibly find a spring on your land. The Wilcox Group and the overlying Carrizo Formation of the Claiborne Group form a hydrologically connected [...]


These are dimensions for the different tile for my bathroom that are more accurate for what I need.

Just discovered my loving baby sitter and nursery aide I had as a small child has died. She was someone I have great memories of and she will be greatly missed. She lived a very long life, wow….101 years old! I stayed over at her house a few times over night when my parents would [...]