At a Cornerstone Financial Talk

This is an investment group that my dad invited me to. I have heard them on Christian radio stations before. They have some good advice and they don’t have any high pressure tactics.[Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

Melody and John Adam

Here is John Adam and Melody hanging out by the pond.[Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

The Blinking Lights

We live down the road where the blinking lights are next to the airport. That’s FM 724. Go a few miles, then down the hill. Now you are getting near the Eisenbach family. We live out in the country and it’s pretty nice with the cows, and lamas and stray dogs. I am not sure [...]

Really Big Tree

We found ourselves in a lot of good places to take pictures and I thought inside the big cedar tree would be pretty fun. This was on Vancouver island in Canada a few months ago. We were putting John Adam on all kinds of trees and things and taking tons of pictures. Proud first time [...]

Cool Seal in Canada

We had an extra fish we didn’t want when we went fishing in Canada. This friendly seal came up and we thought it would be fun to watch it eat the fish.[Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

John Adam Looking Pretty Cute

We were outside on a nice day and John Adam was making his amazed look at pretty much any random leaf or thing you put in front of him.[Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

Hanging Out with the Fam

I spent the day today visiting Jason and Sarah Hague who are back from California for the holidays and they brought all their kids and their new one, Sam. Jack, Emily, and Jenna have grown up quite a bit since I remember them last. We then came back home and hung out with Melody’s brother [...]